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What an incredible day! We didn’t do Weight Watchers at Work over the summer and boy can I tell! But the good news is we’re about to start back up! I am in charge of getting it going again. I was so thrilled today with all of the responses. Typically we maybe have 15 people sign up. Today we are up to 29 people ready for our Open House on 9/13/16. They’re so excited. It just made me feel so wonderful about this whole thing. It feels good to be part of something that is going to be beneficial to others.

Some people expressed concerns about whether they can afford to eat healthy. Yes! You can! So I am on a mission! I am back to blogging.I am back to finding HEALTHY and AFFORDABLE recipes that are Weight Watchers friendly and also TASTY! I feel revved up and ready to go!



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I was thinking about losing weight. Isn’t it weird how circumstances can push us to stay stuck or to get to work on something? For years I was in a negative relationship. I also worked in a toxic environment. I was at a point in life where I didn’t think there was any way to change things. I felt stuck. I was depressed and angry. I was apathetic.

This year I decided that I was making changes. Change is something I hate. I despise change. My life has been turned upside down more than I am comfortable with. Once bitten, twice shy. Well increase that number exponentially. But frustration overcame fear. I got a new job. It’s amazing what a positive change will do.

I still have a very long road to follow but I am doing it. I am continually looking for positive changes I can make incrementally. I can handle little changes easier than big ones.

October 3, 2013

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I’m sorry I haven’t really written in a while. Life has been so consuming that I haven’t. Part of me has been just too busy and exhausted. The other part has been, “What do I say?” I haven’t been eating correctly for about 3 weeks and it all stems from working so hard and feeling a lot of frustration.

I guess you’re wondering what does she mean working too hard? My schedule lately has been so screwed up that I have been exhausted. There are days I work over 14 hours in a stressful environment. By the end of it my head hurts and I am usually starving because I didn’t get to eat well during that whole time. I have also been on call for work every other week because we are short-staffed. I used to only be on call once every 4 weeks. Basically that has doubled. A lot of extra stress has been added as well as many more responsibilities so I have been mentally and physically fried.

I believe all of this has helped lead to some depression. I eat when I am depressed and it’s usually not healthy. Ben & Jerry’s was my drug of choice the other night. I ate it and I did feel better briefly. But then within an hour I felt sick.

So I see where my issues and problems lie. I have to find quick and easy things to eat that are healthy. I can’t afford to keep doing this to my body. It makes me feel physically sick but also then I feel bad mentally and emotionally. It’s like I cheated on myself. In a way, I did. I cheated my body out of health and good nutrition.

I have today off and hope to go to the grocery store. I have decided since I am working so many freaking hours this weekend that I may just take the crockpot in and cook there. It usually takes 4-8 hours to cook anything and I am going to be working 13-15 hours 2 days this weekend. So I think a good ol crockpot of some chili made with frozen meat substitute crumbles sounds good. I love chili. The air is getting chillier. Perfect!

Thank you all for bearing with me. I am sorry I haven’t written. I tell ya, I have worked like this over a month and it honestly has felt like I live at work.

April 8, 2013

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I should be asleep. I would be asleep but my tummy doesn’t feel good. I know what you’re thinking. “She ate everything again.” WRONG! I did not! I only ate 2/3 of everything. So that is something positive. I didn’t eat it all. I am trying to tell myself it is positive anyway. I did eat at a bad time but I didn’t mean to. I have had my schedule all off balance this week due to migraines and being on-call at work. Yesterday I ended up working 13 1/2 hours with the stupid migraine and then couldn’t sleep. Finally I got home and rested a little but still couldn’t sleep well. So finally I was starving and got some food when I picked up meds for said migraine and the phone rang. You dread the phone ringing when you are on-call, by the way. So it was work saying I have to be there first thing this morning. I ate and went to bed. Now my tummy hurts. I should be asleep. I am exhausted. And I don’t want to work on my only day off. And I am bitchy as hell. It’s gonna be a fun Monday. Can’t ya tell?!

On the positive side, I ate enough to shut the stomach rumbles up but it still gave me a tummy ache. I wish I had just run into the grocery store and picked up fruit. I have been craving fruit like crazy lately. Maybe my body is telling me something? Maybe the weather is causing these cravings? I dunno.

I’m gonna try to sleep for 2 more hours before going into work and being mean as hell. Actually, I will have to turn on my syrup voice and it will probably turn my mood around eventually. It usually does. I’m gonna let PBS and the War of 1812 lull me to sleep now for a bit.

April 2, 2013

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I have been thinking and thinking and have really come to some very good conclusions. I know why I have been fighting myself on weight loss. My heart was sabotaging me. My brain says all these great things but my heart has been in control. Why? It’s afraid of moving forward in life. Have you ever felt that way? What am I afraid of? Everything! Absolutely everything!

I am afraid of moving forward in life. What if I move forward and no one loves me? What if I stay stuck and no one loves me? I finally thought about it and realized I don’t love how I feel and I am not giving anyone anything TO love. Yes, I am a wonderful person, but if I don’t feel good with who I am and how I look then how can someone else?!?! It isn’t their fault. It is mine! I did this and am doing nothing to fix it!

I also realized in all of these ponderings that I cannot change everything in one fell swoop. That is just asking for failure. What can I do? I can start making a few changes here and there that will hopefully become good habits. So like what?! I need to quit eating and then going to sleep. Working 3rd shift is hard and when I come home I am hungry and tired. I need something but I eat too much and then I fall asleep. No stopping for fast food on the way home, eating and going to bed. Gotta stop that. I could have a yogurt and fruit. It’s not as bad as a big ol’ breakfast. Or I could drink a Slim Fast in order to fill me up before sleeping so that I am having something and then getting some rest.

I can also care more in general. I got a hair cut today for the first time in ages. I noticed how gray my hair was. I also got some hair color at the drug store and plan to color my hair before work tonight. It is something.

Sooo…these are my thoughts today.


February 13, 2013

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I keep posting the same thing over and over about being sick. I have been fighting illness for most of this new year. This has been a rough year on me! I’m sorry to keep saying the same thing. I have had a sinus infection that has been dragging me down and just won’t go away. It seems to and then is immediately back. Last week was really bad because I was on call and couldn’t take all my meds that help me really sleep. I was running a fever all week and just felt horrible. I finally got off call this morning and went to the store this morning and bought what seemed like a cart full (or if you are a Southerner, a buggy full) of meds! I got this crazy nose spray that nearly knocked me on my ass! It was amazing stuff, though. It had menthol and eucalyptus in it and hit my sinuses like you wouldn’t believe. It was Rexall nose spray and it was amazing. You can only use two doses daily. After one dose I was feeling a lot better. I still have a lot of pressure and a headache. I took the night off to rest. I need more sleep than I have been getting.

One positive. I got some new walking shoes ordered. If you know/remember, I had said my others hurt my feet. They pinch my toes. So I wanted some new ones and have been trying to order some. You’d think I was asking for diamond encrusted custom shoes or something. I don’t wear that weird of a size of shoes or anything but every place I have tried to order from in the style of shoes has been out of stock. I finally found a place with a pair that was reasonable and in stock and so they will be here in a day or two. I know you might be wondering why I don’t go to the store. It is hard to find time. I work crazy hours and it is hard to do anything so I usually shop online. I just don’t have time for shopping. Plus I use a place called MyPoints and I earn points for purchases and then I can cash in points for gift certificates for places that I love. I’ve been using this place for 12 years and love it and love getting free stuff. So my shoes should be here soon! 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well. I am on the mend! The new meds are working and I am going to get well or die trying!


October 23, 2012

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I have figured out how much my job contributes to my unhealthy eating. This week I have worked such crazy hours and I am so tired. I ate convenience food. I did have a salad one day but it was convenient. It was really good, but if it hadn’t been easy to get I wouldn’t have eaten it. The other day I went into work what was supposed to be a short 4 hour shift at work. My relief called out. Four hours turned into 12. I hadn’t planned on that long so there was no meal prep. I was glad I had left my handy dandy hummus in the fridge along with some of my tasty pita chips in my locker. That was dinner and a snack! And thankfully I had taken a 2 liter of Diet Mtn Dew with me. I couldn’t leave to go get anything and frankly I was pizza’d out. People think I exaggerate about how things happen at work. I don’t. I usually end up staying late daily. I get called in frequently. This has been my on-call week and I was also scheduled for 46 hours initially for the week. Then there are the obligatory call-outs. My organization has to cover the shift. You don’t just say so-and-so will deal with it tomorrow. We have to have a set number of people on duty all the time. So this week I have worked over 60 hours. Sleeping during the day is next to impossible because the world operates during the day. It takes me about 10 hours to achieve about 7 hours sleep. Between this week and last, my paycheck will have 38 hours of overtime on it.

So if you’re wondering why I’m grouchy, this is why. I’m tired. Sorry. Next week will be better I hope!