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Living too large is about my struggles with weight. It has been a life-long struggle which has led to depression and poor self-esteem. It’s an ongoing battle that I continue to fight. The goal of this blog is to just share my struggles, feelings and whatever else decides to come out. Maybe other people will help me. Maybe something will help others.


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  1. Also try finding a good Endocrine Doctor who deals with thyroid. Women who deal with weight gain and weight problems tend to have problems with the thyroid.

    I am a man, but no weight issues and I take thyroid as I have problems and it runs in the family. But it took me about 4 years before a doctor finally noticed, even though I knew through my own research.

    Best wishes to you in your search for answers.

    Chef Randall

    • Thank you! I did have my dr look into thyroid issues and run extra tests. Unfortunately or fortunately, that isn’t the issue. I think the main thing is behavioral and a lot of that has to do with emotional eating and just being a Southerner. We were raised on good food and also taught to stuff our feelings. So many times we turn to food as our comfort. While Mama thought she was raising me right by shushing me, it taught me some bad habits. So I am working to retrain myself. 🙂 Thanks for the comments and the care, though! 🙂 Welcome to Living Too Large!

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