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I’m sorry it has been so long since I have written anything. I have been quite busy and quite chaotic. I am working a full-time job, part-time job and I also sell Avon (which is like ¾ of a full-time job). This is keeping me busy. Along with that, I am the liaison for our Weight Watchers at Work program and I have to keep everything organized for that. I am manage 4 Facebook pages. I have been whipped this year. When I have some down time, I usually crash and snuggle up with my 2 cats after I have thrown some laundry in. Multi-tasking is my life!

I think that all of this multi-tasking has taken a toll, though. I am haven’t been taking the time necessary for weight loss. I’ve gone up and down with the same 10 pounds this year. I have got to stop with that. Yes, I have a lot on my plate but I am trying to organize life better so that I can make easier meals and find a few minutes here and there to cram in some exercise. Thankfully my part-time job is pretty physical so that is something. It keeps me moving for about 10 hours every weekend. I know there will be no extra exercise on the weekends. I am so physically exhausted after working that I can barely move.

I am lucky that I work at a medical facility for my full-time job. I have access to wonderful people who support me and are willing to share their knowledge with me. I have a friend who is a dietician and I told her about how I was struggling. She knows how much I work and so we are going to have lunch soon and come up with some ideas for easy, healthy lunches and dinners that don’t require much work so that I won’t be so tempted to pick up something at a drive-thru. I think that’s amazing because how many people have access to that? I’m grateful that she’s my friend and also grateful that she cares about my health.

I may not write too often because, as you can see, I am quite busy. But I am not quitting! I am just working my ass off—literally!


About Amy

Recently I came to an ugly realization–I am middle aged. I didn’t really think so but then I doubled my age and thought, “Hmmmm…some of people don’t live to that age. I must be middle age.” This epiphany came in the third quarter of my 39th year. So I am surviving middle age…it’s scary.

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