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Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans. My “skinny” jeans were not so skinny anymore. They were actually quite baggy. So I went to the store and got the next size down and wasn’t sure about them. I asked the girl for help and she said, “Ummm….no. Those are too big.” So we got the next 2 sizes down. I tried the smallest size with fervent hopes that they would fit. No. Too tight but I could pull them up. But the other ones fit just right. They were actually 2 sizes smaller than the pants I walked in wearing. So I am happy with that. I have lost a total of 3 sizes in clothing now. I didn’t think I was ever going down in sizes. It felt good. The salesgirl was so sweet that she hugged me to celebrate with me.

This is the first time I have shopped in a real store since losing weight. I have just been going to Goodwill for things as I needed them. I am trying to not invest too much financially in clothing because it is so expensive. But when your pants are falling off your butt, it’s time to get some new ones!

I was so happy. They fit right and felt great. It just felt sooooo good to have something that fit well. 🙂


About Amy

Recently I came to an ugly realization–I am middle aged. I didn’t really think so but then I doubled my age and thought, “Hmmmm…some of people don’t live to that age. I must be middle age.” This epiphany came in the third quarter of my 39th year. So I am surviving middle age…it’s scary.

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  1. Great story Amy! Congratulations on your success. I know this will keep happening for you until you reach your goal!

  2. have you ever considered going vegan? personally i eat around 2000-3000 calories of plant foods a day am a size 6-8 and 160cm tall, I eat abundance of calories and go for a 5km run everyday (this took time though) and have a BMI of 22. Now i know many people who halved their weight simply by going vegan, i follow a high-carb, low-fat diet and have never felt better i eat lots of fruit, grains, vegetables, starches, pasta, pizza, curry etc. and no longer care about my weight or how many calories i’m eating, it’s more about making sure i eat enough now. I commend you on how far you’ve come but just thought this information might help you if your still looking to loose more weight, look up the starch solution, john macdougall, freelee the banana girl, etc. to find out more. you will not only reap the benefits of weightloss but also more energy, clearer skin, nails hair, i’m not kidding it’s been fantastic. and every person i know who has gone plantbased has lost the weight they needed to. cheers

    • I have considered vegetarian but not vegan. I don’t know that I could take it that far…I like my cheeses and things. But I do like to eat vegetarian meals frequently. I am making changes daily so who knows…maybe one day it will happen! I won’t rule anything out. Thank you for such a great response. I’m always looking for great ideas and suggestions. 🙂


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