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It amazes me how some days are so much better than others. I have days where I am not hungry at all really and then others where I could eat the whole house. Yesterday was a day I could eat the whole house. I was starving. I couldn’t stop. I was truly hungry. I knew if I didn’t eat that I wasn’t going to be satisfied. I didn’t eat healthy like I should. I have to do better. I went to bed full and woke up not feeling well. I have got to do better. I know I ate too much.

It is so frustrating. I feel like I self-sabotaged. But yet I truly was hungry. I guess I need to regroup and think about what I did in the beginning to keep good stuff in the house. It helped in moments like this.

I’m sure I am not the only one who has gone through this. It’s hard isn’t it?


September 1, 2015

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This has been a long,hard journey for me. This week hasn’t been my best. I failed this week. I could blame it on pms. I could blame it on falling in love. I could blame it on a lot of things. The bottom line is that the blame falls on me. I didn’t plan well enough. I let myself become too focused on something wonderful (falling in love) and didn’t focus enough on taking care of me. I have to remind myself that I am someone who can multitask. I can plan meals and laugh and giggle with a wonderful man. I am strong enough to tell him that I need take time after work to get my sweat on. He will appreciate me more most likely and I know I will feel better.

My goal for this week is to get my ass back in gear! I am refocusing and taking time for me. I am important. How I feel is important. Too many times I have put others ahead of myself. That helped lead to self-destruction. I want to be the best I can. I can’t do that by making excuses and not taking care of myself.

So what can i do? I have made a strategic plan for September. You can see what I plan to do below. This is in addition to what I already do at work, which includes walking 2-3 miles daily. I may adjust this as needed, but this is a goal.


September Exercise Schedule

Beginning Walking Program

Beginning Walking Program