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Strawberry Juice Plus Smoothie

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strawberry smoothie

6-8 oz soy milk (Depends on the calorie count I want. I can add water to get more liquid if I use less milk.)

2 Tbsp. Vanilla Juice Plus shake mix

2 packets Truvia

1 handful frozen strawberries, whole (make sure they are whole and not in juice)


Put the soy milk in blender first and then add the shake mix. Whir that around for a few seconds to get blended well. Anytime you use a powdered substance, it is best to do it this way so that it doesn’t taste gritty. If you see that your drink mix is thicker than you want, add more liquid. If it is thinner than you want, remember you are about to add strawberries, which will thicken it.

Add the Truvia and strawberries. Whir again until the drink is mixed to the consistency you wish.


I believe the calories on this totals around 200 and if fills me for hours. You can use a dab of real sugar if you want. No biggie. I wouldn’t use aspartame. It just isn’t the right flavor.

Note: You can use whatever milk you like. I choose soy just because it is affordable and easier for me to find. This is your choice!

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