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How I Have Lost Weight Recently

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Juice Plus

Over the last year I have trying different things to lose weight. Playing with what would work best for my erratic schedule. I have felt very frustrated because my work schedule fluctuates to the point of me being stuck there an extra 4 hours sometimes without being able to go get food. I try to keep extra food there, but I can’t stock 2 fridges. I was extremely frustrated because there wasn’t anything, it seemed, that was easy and affordable. But there was! And I finally found it! Juice Plus!

Juice Plus is a way to supplement the fruits and veggies I was missing out on because of my crazy schedule. It doesn’t replace them. But it supplements them. I feel so much better. I have blogged about being tired, but that is mainly when I have worked 14-16 hours. Anyone would be tired after that, especially in a high-stress environment. I work in crisis situations daily. It tires you when you work those long stretches. I am finding that I am less and less tired.

I have been using the shakes from Juice Plus and they are absolutely amazing. They are filling, delicious and super EASY! I love them. I can keep my stuff at work and make them when needed. I have a single-serving blender at work. I bring in my Juice Plus shake powder, a bag of frozen strawberries, a box of Truvia in packets, instant Folgers coffee and soy milk. I use the vanilla powder so I can have a wider variety of flavors. Some days I want a mocha frappuccino and some days I want a strawberry smoothie. I will post my recipes in separate posts.

These shakes are so good! I don’t feel like I am being deprived of anything. I actually just feel like I am having a treat. I used to love to go through the drive-thru and get these same kinds of drinks. I was spending a lot more on these drinks and I was also getting a lot more calories! Wasted, empty calories. The calories I get now are beneficial and help my body. It is FUEL for my body and not just junk. It isn’t just a drink either; it is filling!

I don’t just drink shakes. I am eating very healthy, too. I am managing my calorie intake by using free apps on my phone. I can watch my calories and keep track. This is crucial. So often we don’t watch the calorie intake. We just assume that because we feel like we are starving that we must be losing weight. You don’t have to starve to lose weight. I am not starving!!!!!! I am eating tons of blueberries! (I have found a new addiction, by the way!) I am not sure how the blueberries are assisting, but they are a super food. I am eating delicious salads. In fact, I have posted my favorite salad recipe on the blog. I even eat my favorite chicken sandwich from Wendy’s and enjoy it! And yes, I am losing weight eating this way.

The shakes have been crucial, though. I do them 2 times a day and then I can eat the rest of my calories in whatever healthy foods I want. I just watch my calories, carb and fat intake. I try to not eat too many carbs just because, personally, I am a carb junkie and they are triggers for me. I sometimes don’t know when to stop and less of that is better. I also limit fat just because I can sometimes overdo it without realizing it. It’s easy to do. You do need fat, though. Your body is in need of a good balance.

The shakes don’t have to be used as meal replacements, though. They can be used before or after a workout. They can be used as a snack. They can be used for those people who stay hungry all day and this will help with the constant grazing. They really do fill me up. (I say this as an obese woman who would sometimes not feel full after eating just about everything!)

If you have any questions, please ask. You can also visit the website. I was so grateful to finally find something that was nutritious and beneficial to me, as well as affordable. I remember the day in the doctor’s office when they said I had lost 20 lbs. I sat there and cried. Finally some tears of joy! Juice Plus is saving my life.


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