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Portion Control Is Important

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In order to lose lose weight, it is important to control your portions. To do so, though, you need to understand portions. Some people don’t have a clue how much of what they have eaten. You need to measure! You need to learn to look at something and guess. You’re not always going to be able to measure. By measuring to begin with, you will learn what amounts look like and will be able to look at something and know what the size is.

Once you know what the size is, you can start using apps on smart phones. I have used Lose It and it was helpful. Another one is MyFitnessPal. These both are free and allow you to enter the food you eat throughout the day and it calculates the amount of calories you have eaten. This keeps calorie counting easy. But you have to know what the portion size is.

Here is a picture from WebMD with some helpful information:

Portion Sizes

Portion Sizes

You can go to WebMD for more info on the portion plate or These are really beneficial and helpful sites.

And if you have no clue about the portion, here’s a good tip, eat more of the fruits and vegetables. Consider potatoes a starch or bread and not a real vegetable. (Eat less potatoes basically.) Eat more colorful foods. The more colorful your plate is filled with fruits and vegetables, the less you have to worry.



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