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June 18, 2013

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I have done pretty well eating until my days off. I think a lot of it is no structure. At work there is structure. I don’t have time to eat so I eat this or that because it is fast and easy and pretty nutritious. At home I am tired and don’t feel like doing anything. I gave every ounce of energy at work it seems. I don’t feel like spending more trying find nutritious food. Do you fall into that rut, too? I have to do better. I don’t like this. It’s not helping me move forward. I have to buy easy, healthy foods for home, too.

There’s also this mentality of “I did well all week! I can have this.” And the answer to that should be no! You cannot do that or have that. That is what got to you fat to begin with. You rewarded yourself all the time. Food is not a reward. Food is a necessity! It can be wonderful. We all know that. And I suppose it can be a small reward, but not weekly. I think my “rewards” if I do any will have to be more along the lines of monthly or something.

Thoughts? Do you go through this?



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Recently I came to an ugly realization–I am middle aged. I didn’t really think so but then I doubled my age and thought, “Hmmmm…some of people don’t live to that age. I must be middle age.” This epiphany came in the third quarter of my 39th year. So I am surviving middle age…it’s scary.

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