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Why Does She List Exchanges?

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Why do I list exchanges? What are they? Some people follow diabetic diets. This used to be the big deal.  Exchanges are a way of measuring and keeping track of what you have eaten. Richard Simmons’s Deal-A-Meal program was based on it. The reason for the success for that program is because you were actually moving cards and getting in the habit of card counting and physically moving them. It got you in habit of keeping track. (Yes, I know this because I did this. I was successful for a while. I backslid and am now in a place I don’t want to be.)

So a lot of times you wonder HOW MUCH AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT??!!?!? Right? Knowing what the exchange is and how it relates to a recipe is helpful. Then you realize, “I had HOW many meats?! And I can’t eat anymore?” When you do that you start to slow down. I couldn’t remember all the numbers and amounts so I started looking.

If you are interested in know what an exchange is, you can go to The American Diabetes Association’s Exchange List. It explains a lot. I have got to read more and really get refreshed on this knowledge. I just thought I would share this with you.



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  1. Thanks for sharing, this will come in handy for me !


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