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Boring Salad?

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Lettuces (Photo credit: AlyssssylA)

Salad. Boring? No! At least mine aren’t. The reason I bring this up is because a friend of mine was watching as I built my salad the other day at work and was like, “What are you doing to that thing?!” I was kind of surprised because it seemed kind of normal to me. But it really got me thinking about how dull some people think salad is. Salad does not have to be boring, people!

So what am I putting in my salad? Lots of yummy stuff! First, I like to mix up my greens. I don’t like the standard iceberg lettuce. It is too watery for me. I like buttery lettuces more. My favorite lettuces are Boston Bibb, mesclun and Romaine. I like a small sprinkle of cheese. Don’t use much! It has tons of calories! I either use a little cheddar or mozzarella. A smidge of bacon bits (a spoon). A boiled egg that has been chopped so I can get a bite throughout the whole salad. It’s a nice little surprise here and there. I love bell peppers! I love green and red! Green is just a good pepper taste. Red gives a sweet taste that is indescribable! I love onions, too. The key is to not overkill the salad with them. A few bites here and there and you are enhancing the flavor without overpowering. I think that might actually be the key to life (See? I am part philosopher as well. Life is about variety without excess.) I use vidalia when they’re in season. I also like a little red. Then the part that freaked her out? Fruit. Yes, I love fruit in my salad! What kind? All kinds! I love strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, kiwi and probably more! I do very little croutons. Why? Calories. I buy the pre-made croutons and they’re usually huge so I get a couple out and break them up a little. That’s all you need. It gives you lots of flavor and if you break them up then you get bites all through the salad. Then I use some Ken’s Steakhouse Thousand Island Dressing. Yes, I use the real deal full fat dressing. Why? Because I would rather have a little of the real deal than a lot of fake junk that makes me detest what I just ate. If I have some turkey or chicken left from another meal, I might put a little of that in as well.

See? Salad doesn’t have to be dull and boring. And the things I am adding aren’t major calorie boosters. Just watch the cheese, croutons, bacon bits, and dressing. If you do it like I have, though, it won’t be hard at all and when you get that bite you will be surprised and happy you did.


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