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Chicken Marsala

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Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala

The first time I had marsala sauce I nearly licked the plate. It is like heaven to me. I can just eat the sauce without anything else. Who needs all the other stuff? I love marsala! You can make this recipe and substitute another starch. Just make sure to not overdo it. You can easily get out-of-hand. Just enjoy the little bit you have and eat a big salad!

2 teaspoons olive oil
1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced
1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast
1 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 cup marsala wine
1 1/4 cups beef broth
1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 pound angel hair pasta

1. Heat oil in a large skillet over med-high heat. Add mushrooms and sauté until tender and releasing liquid, about 5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, place chicken on a plate and season both sides with thyme, salt and pepper. Move mushrooms to outer edge of skillet once cooked. Place chicken in center of skillet and sauté until golden, about 2-3 min per side.

3. Add wine to skillet, simmer 1 minute, add 3/4 cup of broth and simmer, uncovered, until chicken is tender and cooked through about 8 minute.

4. Dissolve cornstarch in remaining 1/2 cup of broth in small bowl, add to skillet. Simmer until sauce thickens, stirring constantly and incorporating mushrooms into the liquid, about 1 minute.

5. Cook pasta according to box directions.

6. Serve chicken with sauce over pasta.

Serves 4.

421 calories.


3 Starches/Breads, 4 Lean Meats, 1/2 Fat


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